Always Something New to Learn!

Whether you've been knitting for six months or sixty years, there is ALWAYS more to learn. The Level-Up Knitting Bundle includes three brilliant workshops to take your knitting to the next level. Virtual courses make it easy to learn from home on your own time, and you can revisit the materials any time you need to. Classes include videos and printables to make it easy to understand and apply what you learn. Marie's engaging style and sparkling personality make it a joy to learn. You'll never look at your knitting the same way again after these mind-blowing courses!

  • Learn how to modify patterns and make them your own style

  • Gain confidence changing fiber content so you can knit with warmer seasons or fiber sensitivites in mind

  • Get a handle on your fiber stash and learn how to treat it like your very own home yarn shop

  • Learn from the comfort of home, at your own pace. Revisit the lessons any time you need them (they never expire)!

  • If you're looking for something new to stretch your knitting skills - this bundle is for you!

  • Save 20% with the bundle price!

Your Fearless Knitting Guide

Author & Knitwear Designer Marie Greene

Marie Greene is the best-selling author of 5 knitting books, including Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks, The Joy of Yarn, and Knitting Light. She's also the host of the Good Enough Creative podcast, and the founder of both Knit Camp and Olive Knits where she is known for creating a supportive community for makers and designing classic, seamless knitting patterns. Marie has taught knitting courses at festivals, shops, and events around the world; her mix of best practices and renegade hacks, along with her charming personality, make her a highly sought-after instructor.