A Virtual Knitting Adventure

Join me for a virtual getaway - from the comfort of home. I'll take you with me to the heart of Bavaria, the beautiful city of Munich. We'll explore the rich cultural history, the textiles, the food - and the knitting! Along the way we'll knit the gorgeous Brezel Cardigan, which features Bavarian twisted stitches and a range of exciting techniques to boost your knitting skills (and build your confidence!). This 4-week virtual workshop includes videos to support you every step of the way.

  • You'll receive the pattern for the Brezel Cardigan - a seamless, yoke-style sweater knit in the round from the top down, and then steeked (sizes 32-62 inch/80-155 cm bust)

  • 4 Weeks of lessons, including videos and printables, that you can access from home (on your favorite device)

  • Yarn advice, swatching, measuring in pattern, blocking how-to, button bands & more!

  • Support in choosing the best size for your figure, plus checking fit as you go

  • Lessons on the history of Bavarian knitting

  • Explore Munich, learn to bake German pretzels & more!

  • Learn to work twisted stitch cables without a cable needle, and German short rows

  • Step-by-step steeking tutorials to turn your sweater into a cardigan

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. (Updated) Yarn, Size & Swatching Details

    1. Introduction

    2. Choosing Your Yarn.pdf

    3. Choosing Your Yarn: Additional Resources

    4. Swatching!

    5. Choosing Your Size

    6. Choosing Your Size: Additional Resources

    7. Pattern Download - Part One

    8. Pattern Video Walk-Through

    9. How to Knit German Short Rows

    1. Improving Your Technique: Twisted Cables (without a cable needle)

    2. Improving Your Technique: Reading Charts

    3. Improving Your Technique: Key Pattern Points

    4. A Visit to the Christmas Market

    5. An Introduction to Knitting in Germany

    6. Additional Resources

    7. Pattern Download: Brezel Cardigan (Part Two)

    1. A Look at History: Bavarian Textiles

    2. Add or Remove Length in the Body

    3. Improving Your Technique: Fixing Twisted Cables

    1. Let's Bake German Pretzels! (Bake-along) Part 1

    2. Let's Bake German Pretzels! Part 2

    3. Sleeves: Pattern Part 3

    4. Checking Fit as You Go

    5. Let's Visit Yarn Shops in Munich!

    1. Steeking Part 1

    2. Part 2 - Reinforcing your Steek

    3. Part 3 - Scissors!

    4. Button Bands & Buttons

    5. Button Band Instructions

    6. Blocking Best Practices

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 35 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content


Author & Knitwear Designer Marie Greene

Marie Greene is the author of Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks, Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week, and Knit a Little. She is also the founder of Knit Camp, an online knitting resource community, and Olive Knits pattern design where she is known for her approachable, timeless style. Marie has taught knitting courses at festivals, shops, and events around the world; her mix of best practices and renegade hacks, along with her charming personality, make her a highly sought-after instructor.

Hear what students have to say

About the Brezel Sweater Workshop

Like Nothing Else!

Kim Pellissier

The workshop knitalong with Olive Knits is like nothing else! There are really helpful videos, pattern support, a deep dive on history and techniques, plus culture, and encouragement from her wonderful community. If Marie designs it, I will knit it and love it…and learn something along the way!

This course is for you!

Rachael Reichmann

Have you ever wanted to learn about the history of knitting and the styles of knitting from other countries? This course is for you. An incredibly well written pattern, tons of support, and great info on the origins of the design. Olive Knits makes me a better knitter with all the amazing info available in this workshop.