Sweater Emergencies, Solved!

Sweater knitting doesn't have to be stressful - sometimes it's just knowing how to tackle surprises (and emergencies) when they happen. Or better yet, knowing how to avoid them in the first place. Sweater Rescue 911 is all about tackling those knitting emergencies with confidence. Learning to navigate sweater emergencies gets easier with practice - the more you do it, the better you'll get. In this workshop, we'll do it together! Your Olive Knits workshops never expire, so you can revisit your lessons again and again when you need them. Knit sweaters (that fit!) with confidence. New lessons open weekly for 6 weeks.

  • Learn strategies for dealing with fit issues

  • Need more or less length for your sweater or sleeves? I've got you!

  • Discovered a problem a little too late? It's almost always fixable!

  • Sweater Surgery - let's walk through it together!

  • Learn how to adjust for your own knitting quirks (we all have them!)

  • Sleeves too tight? Too loose? Too deep? Too shallow? We can fix that!

  • Sweater slides off? We can fix that, too!

  • Revisit your lessons whenever you need them. Your access doesn't expire.

  • Learn at your own pace from the comfort of home

Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Sweater Rescue Survey

    3. Welcome to Sweater Rescue 911

    4. Early Bird Bonus Lesson

    1. Intro: Where Sweater Fit Goes Wrong

    2. Shoulder Fit Overview

    3. Sweater Too Big in the Shoulders

    4. Sweater Too Snug Around the Boobs or Belly

    5. Sweater Too Big Everywhere

    6. Sweater Too Small Everywhere

    7. Hip Surgery (Adding Side Slits)

    8. Steeking - Bonus Lessons

    9. Could Blocking Fix It?

    1. Intro: The Long & Short of It

    2. Sleeves Too Long

    3. Sleeves Too Short

    4. Body Too Short

    5. Body Too Long

    6. How to Estimate Length

    1. Intro: Getting it Just Right

    2. Neckline Too Tight

    3. Neckline Too Loose

    4. Button Band Too Loose

    5. Button Band Too Tight

    6. Sleeve Cuff Too Tight

    7. Sleeve Cuff Too Loose

    8. Bind-Off Too Tight

    1. Intro: Turning an Emergency into an Opportunity

    2. Mystery Hole

    3. Cable Snafu

    4. Armhole Too Deep (Sweater Surgery! Let's do it!)

    5. Armole Depth Issues (Top-Down)

    6. Armhole Depth Issues (Dropped Shoulder)

    1. Intro: It's a Numbers Game

    2. Too Many Stitches

    3. Too Few Stitches

    4. When Your Gauge is too Small

    5. When Your Gauge is too Big

About this course

  • $129.00
  • 50 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Sweater Knitting Survival Skills

Sweater Rescue 911 is like having a knitting bestie at your side to help you through your most common sweater knitting emergencies. Pour yourself a cuppa, grab your knitting, and let's tackle the scary stuff together.
Smiling blonde woman in a black dress holding a tangled ball of pink yarn


Author & Knitwear Designer Marie Greene

Marie Greene is the author of Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks, Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week, and Knit a Little. She is also the founder of Knit Camp, an online knitting resource community, and Olive Knits pattern design where she is known for her approachable, timeless style. Marie has taught knitting courses at festivals, shops, and events around the world; her mix of best practices and renegade hacks, along with her charming personality, make her a highly sought-after instructor.