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The workshop bundle gives you all the tools you need for knitting gorgeous sweaters that fit, feel great, and look just the way you want them to. The lessons in all five courses are yours from the moment of purchase, which means you can revisit courses and lessons any time, on any device. It's easy to refresh your skills when you need them! It's like having a knitting coach right next to you, whenever you need her.

  • Virtual courses include videos and printables - making it easy to pause and play or revisit any lesson when you need it. From the comfort of home!

  • Cheerful, engaging lessons make learning accessible and approachable. Learn at your own pace. Get help when you need it.

  • Unlike in-person or live classes, these classes never expire and they're easy to access on any device. If you forget something or need a refresher, revisit any lesson, video or printable on your own schedule.

  • Marie's teaching style makes it safe to learn. We dig deep into the tools you need to get the results you want from your projects. Every time!

  • Boost your knitting confidence, solve the mysteries of sweater knitting, and dive into engaging, interactive lessons that are FULL of brilliant tips and tricks. You'll have something to look forward to for months on end!

Get the Whole Bundle!

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